Our Mission
To Promote Efficient Utilization of Clean Energy

Human kind is great because we have dreams. The world is fascinating because it never stops evolving. Efficient use of clean energy is not only a necessary choice for China to achieve the goal of "double carbon", but also the only way to develop a low-carbon and greener world in the future. It is our corporate mission to "promote the efficient use of clean energy" to bear the weight of the times and empower the country.

Our Vision
Leading the Future with Intelligent Manufacturing

Digital Transformation and Intelligent Manufacturing are two key strategic areas of SANY. We believe the future is an era of digital intelligence, and intelligent manufacturing is the cornerstone of the great rejuvenation of the nation. Hence our corporate vision is Intelligent Manufacturing Leads the Future.

Customer demand is the core value and employee development is the driving force of SANY's development. We work collaboratively to realize the vision of common development and to achieve business objectives. We also strive to achieve openness and collaboration as well as respect and trust in the process of mutual achievement. We are dedicated to optimizing business, products and services for customers, improving livelihood of employees, and increasing enterprise value to better serve the human society.