Climate Crisis

Nowadays, extreme weather is on the rise globally due to climate change. There is a complex relationship among the greenhouse effect, environmental pollution, and biodiversity loss. Coupled with the impact of the pandemic, mankind is falling into an unprecedented crisis. 

Responding to climate change, reducing green-house gas emissions, walking the climate-resilience development route are common challenges faced by all mankind. In recent years, SANY Renewable Energy has been deeply involved in wind power and other renewable energy fields, helping to produce green and clean electricity, actively establishing a new power system mainly based on new energy, and contributing to the realization of emission peak and carbon neutrality goal.

The wrong ways to spoil the environment to develop the economy must be changed. The development model that relies on obtaining traditional energy from nature must be changed. As an industry leader, SANY Renewable Energy will continue to increase breakthroughs in technological innovation, create value for customers with high-quality products and services and lead a green future with intelligent manufacturing.

Chairman of SANY Renewable Energy Co., Ltd.

Dream of Net Zero

SANY Renewable Energy is committed to "Promoting the efficient use of clean energy", protecting green water and green mountains with clean energy, and building a "Carbon-Neutral Dream" with green manufacturing. "Carbon Neutrality" is leading a global energy revolution and industrial transformation. An energy system mainly based on new energy will be established.

The transformation of renewable energy and "Carbon Neutrality" process are reshaping the pattern of world energy and industry worldwide. SANY Renewable Energy will continue to develop new energy, promote the realization of the "carbon neutrality" goal, and help states and regions reach net zero emissions.

Sustainable Energy

The carbon emissions of fossil fuels are enormous, and the greenhouse gases produced will continue to bring disasters to the earth and the environment. The development of new energy is of great significance. Only by adjusting the energy structure, reducing the proportion of fossil fuels, and expanding the use of new energy such as solar energy and wind energy, we can achieve carbon emission reduction. Many countries and regions have made explicit commitments to carbon neutrality. The world economic landscape and industrial structure are facing profound reshaping. Accelerating the development of low-carbon and clean energy will be an important starting point for the green recovery after the pandemic. Achieving the net-zero emissions goal by 2050 will require an accelerated energy transition with renewable energy at its core. 

SANY Renewable Energy always adheres to the concept of ecological priority, green development, and green manufacturing. Under the goal of "Carbon Neutrality", and by combining digitalization, intelligent transformation, and sustainable development goals, SANY Renewable Energy continually provides high-quality products and services to customers.

Wind Projects
SANY will unswervably develop clean energy, actively help promote the realization of the "double carbon" goal,and contribute the wisdom and strength of SANY for the zero-carbon future!