Smart Wind Farms

SANY Renewable Energy undertakes operation and maintenance services for its customers by employing a strong technical and R&D team and a complete spare parts management system.

Through the transformation and upgrading of operation and management models, SANY Renewable Energy has developed Smart Wind Farms that form an innovative, integrated and interactive smart operation model. The Smart Wind Farms have realized a leap-forward in development through the online to offline, cloud station, intercommunication and mutual trust model in the field of new energy. 

Wind Farm Monitoring Systems
Wind Turbine Predictive
  • lntelligent operation and maintenance
  • WTG life prediction
  • Key component failure warning
  • Energy production performance improvement
  • WTG safety guard
  • Wind farm design
    performance evaluation

    Reduce power loss

    2% - 8%

  • Electricity generation
    forecast for spot trading

    Improve forecast accuracy

    2% - 5%

  • Risk warning based on
    intelligent sensing and machine learning

    Improve mean time between failures (MTBF)

    15% - 30%

  • Distributed integrated
    energy automatic scheduling

    Annual operating and maintenance costs decrease

    1.5 - 3.8 $/kw