Core Strengths

Excellent Quality

Strong performance in power generation, with the capability of generating an additional 5% to 10% power. Integrated with three quality systems of ISO9001, IATF16949 and VDA6.3. Adopting the latest quality management system SYQM to achieve excellent quality and zero-defect delivery of products.

Lightweight design, optimization in the electromagnetic scheme, reduction losses, and improvement the power generation efficiency of the full power section.

Digital Revolution

Digital simulation: enjoyed an electromagnetic simulation platform Ansoft, a heat dissipation simulation platform STAR-CCM+, a vibration and noise simulation platform VibraVolt, and a structural simulation platform Ansys.

Digital operation: realizing digital operation and intelligent decision-making through integrated application of eight major industrial software, IOT platform, and BI system, and interconnection of production and operation data, successfully entering the era of digital intelligence.

Professional and Focus

Enjoys the advantage of highly collaborative development of wind power generators. Builds mainstream product platforms (3.X MW to 15 MW) and advanced technology platforms to meet the needs of customers in all aspects. 

Focuses on the technical development of double-fed generators for last 15 years. 

Value Customers

Meets the customized needs of customers from multiple dimensions such as power, voltage, speed and number of poles. Short production cycle, strong delivery ability, and timely response to customer needs.

Remarkable Developments
  • Rapid Growth
    The company has been continuously making achievements since 2019, with annual sales ranking among the top three in the double-fed generator industry.
  • Elite Team
    Introduced a number of industry experts to double the number of R&D talents, leading the industry in the density of R&D talents (60.31% of masters and doctorates).
  • Smart Manufacturing
    Invested more than CNY 140 million to introduce 50 plus sets of intelligent equipment, with an industry-leading automation rate of 60%.