Product Features

Water-cooled Design

The Water-cooled System has high cooling efficiency and good reliability to ensure the reliable operations of the components.

Easy Maintenance

Various features are provided to ensure the easy maintenance and to improve maintenance efficiency of the Wind Turbines.

Sand and Dust Prevented Design

Components are sealed to prevent sand and dust build-up within the equipment.

Electric Pitch Control System

Quicker response, more accurate pitch control, better pitch capability in emergency.

High Altitude Adaptation

High power radiator and converter are designed to operate in the high altitudes condition.

Grid Adaptation

When the grid voltage or frequency fluctuates, it meets the requirements of active power, reactive power, frequency, and inertia response.

Technical Specifications
Basic Parameters
Rated power MW 6.25
Wind Level IEC S
Cut-In Wind Speed m/s 3
Rated Wind Speed m/s 11.1
Cut-Out Wind Speed m/s 25
Service Life year 20
Operating Ambient Temperature -30~40
Living Environment Temperature -40~50
Rotor System
Rotor Diameter m 172
Sweep Area 23,235
Generator Type / Doubly-fed asynchronous Generator
Rated Voltage V 690
Converter Type Doubly-fed Converter
Rated Power Factor -0.95~0.95
Rated Output Power
Rated Output Voltage
Brake System
Aerodynamic Braking System Implemented through the Pitch System
Mechanical Braking System High-speed Shaft Braking System
Yaw System
Type/Design Motor-Gear Drive/ Four point Contact Ball Bearing
Yaw Brake Hydraulic Brake
Lightning Protection and Tower Type
Lightning Protection Design Standard Comply with IEC61400-24 Standard
Tower Type Steel Conical Structure
Related Wind Turbines
  • SI-172625
    5.X MW - 6.X MW platform wind turbine products are designed for mid-to-high wind speed. Rotor diameters is available up to 195 meters, and the height of hub up to 140 meters, the power rating is from 5.0 MW to 6.25 MW.
  • SI-18572
    7.X MW -8.X MW platform wind turbine products are designed applicable to wide wind and environmental conditions. Cooperating with DNV, this platform adopts SANY’s latest component technology. The rotor size of this platform is ranging from 180 to 200+ meters and the power rating is upto 8.X MW.
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