Core Strengths

The company, with a professional R&D team of 200 engineers and technicians, adopts lightweight design and embraces high blade length-to-diameter ratio. With effective product iteration, optimal adaptation to the whole machine design, we establishment of an all-round testing system at the material, component and product level.

SANY is committed to providing products in high reliability and strong performance through intelligent manufacturing, advanced technology, and industry-leading efficiency in molding.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology
  • Rapid Introduction of New Products
    We focus on the customization needs of wind turbine blades with multiple varieties and small batches, enjoys industry-leading capabilities to introduce new products, and adopt modular and flexible production methods to meet customers' requirements on new product development and rapid delivery.
  • Advanced Technology and Equipment
    We introduced a variety of robots, developed equipment in an automatic and intelligent manner, adopted standardization and digital technology for molds, and implemented modular and universal design of tooling to create a flexible blade production line with less labor, high efficiency and low cost.
  • Advanced Process Flow
    The pultrusion beam technology is adopted and several fully automatic production lines are established for pultrusion beams. The blades of more than 80m can be produced within 24 hours, the quality and technology of blades are constantly upgraded. Modular methods such as glass fiber prefabrication, blade root prefabrication, and edge beam prefabrication are applied to reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency.
  • Distributed Manufacturing Capacity
    We focus on local production of wind resources, plan nationwide layout of production capacity, build movable factories to reduce transportation costs and achieve localized production.
Full Set of
Blade in Multi-category

Blade development is based on different platforms to cater for application in a wide range of wind regime conditions. The diameter of the wind rotor ranges from 146 meters to 270 meters, matching SANY wind turbine platforms of 3.X MW to 15 MW.

SANY Renewable Energy is the first to deploy the usage of pultrued carbon plates in onshore large megawatt class wind turbines, sticking to light weight design and high length-to-diameter ratio.

The blade has a low-load and high-efficiency aerodynamic shape, a lightweight design of pultruded glass/carbon plates and was integrated with component testing, lightning protection testing and reliability verification of full-scale structures.

Super Factory

SANY Renewable Energy built a smart blade factory in Hunan Province, China. This blade factory integrates the digital intelligence and manufacturing services in the wind turbine blade industry., It has become a benchmark demonstration factory with "Best Quality, Highest Efficiency, Cost Effective, Shortest Delivery Time, Green and Low Carbon, Safety and Environmental-Friendly". The annual production capacity exceeds 1000 sets.

Intelligent Manufacturing
Based on lean manufacturing, and taking automated equipment as the connection point, equipment interconnection as the line, and digital twin factory as the plane, the company braves the wind of intelligent manufacturing to lead the high-quality and efficient development of enterprises.
  • Lean Manufacturing Basis
    We adopted a one-flow lean layout which involves blade raw material storage, shell molding, blade post-processing and finished product delivery to achieve lean and efficient production.
  • Improvement of Automation Equipment
    We introduced advanced automation technologies such as robot grinding, automatic stud assembly, and automatic weighing to realize the leading role of automation rate in the industry.
  • Monitoring of the Whole Process of Forming
    We monitored in real-time of mold temperature, vacuum degree and other information through sensors, and real-time monitoring of staff operation process through cameras, so that the forming process can be detected and traced.
  • Digital Twin Factory
    We realized the digital twin between bricks-and-mortar factory and system data through the eight major industrial software, BI electronic display board, digital twin platform and camera system to significantly improve operational efficiency.
Quality Comes First
  • Quality Management System:

    The standardized system is established for the whole process from design and development to after-sales service, covering the company's overall business scope.

    Effective integration of IATF16949, ISO9001, SYQM and other systems to achieve whole process management.

    Advanced quality management methods such as excellent performance management system and Six Sigma are introduced, technology, management and mathematical statistics are integrated to promote the effective operation of the quality assurance system.

  • Ensure R&D Quality:

    APQP4WIND process for planning and control is adopted for the trial production of new products.

    The new product has passed the static and fatigue test.

    Advanced feedback mechanisms for quality issues is applied, DFMEA and PFMEA mechanisms are promoted.

  • Intelligent Detection :

    Intelligent technology to promote intelligent visual inspection.

    Digitally trace the quality data of the whole life cycle of the blade.

    Zero hidden in terms of Critical-To-Quality (CTQ), develop digital and intelligent testing equipment, and make the hidden quality characteristics visible.