5G Smart Factory
Intelligent Manufacturing Strategy

In response to the development trend of global intelligent manufacturing, and the vigorous development of the industrial internet, SANY has built an overall digital solution for wind power high-end manufacturing in terms of production line automation, equipment integration, production intelligence, operation visualization, and digitalization of operations to achieve a high-quality, high-efficiency, low-consumption, clean and flexible digital production system through the establishment of an intelligent manufacturing lighthouse factory.  

Flexible Pulsating Production Line

Through automation, digitalization and intelligent upgrading, SANY has created an "pulsating" production system with flexible production capacity. 

Now it has 5 flexible operation centers, 2 pulsating flexible production lines, and have flexible production capacity of 3.X-15 MW models.

Automatic Assembly

In the key process, the production line applies the concept of unmanned operation island, using intelligent robots and intelligent equipment instead of manual work, which greatly improves manufacturing safety, quality and production efficiency. 

Combining advanced technologies such as six-axis robots, vision systems, photoelectric systems, hydraulic pressure, pneumatic, servo control, automatic control, and network interconnection, the intelligent operating unit of the nacelle and hub pitch is constructed.

Automatic Distribution of Large Components of WTG

Based on the construction of intelligent warehousing and logistics WMS system, through close integration with ERP, MES, WCS, RCS and other systems, large parts are automatically delivered to the line or directly to the station through the heavy-duty AGV according to the planned route, and between the production line stations, the work-in-progress transfer also uses heavy-duty AGVs for automatic transfer, realizing refined storage management, route optimization management, automatic distribution management and production call management, greatly improved the distribution efficiency.


Relying on big data, 5G, visual recognition, edge computing and other technologies, we carry out the construction of an industrial big data system and digital twin platform. Based on the 5G network and MEC cloud service, the high-speed and low-latency real-time collection and transmission of all factor data of the factory is realized. the status monitoring and analysis of operations, equipment, and energy are realized through visual monitoring of the production site, intelligent collection of energy, and interconnection of equipment, combined with visual recognition, big data analysis, and intelligent algorithm technology. 

The 'Brain'

We also implemented digital twin technology, AI data analysis technology, and combined it with a data operation platform, an automatic control platform, a micro-grid control center, etc., to create a "virtual and real integration" data decision-making brain, to realize online command and dispatch and precise decision-making of all factory manufacturing operations, and to realize the whole process from order to delivery data driven.