Digital Operation Platform
With MES/MOM as the core, we will build a digital manufacturing operation system, enabling factories to achieve full digital control of production, logistics, quality and equipment.
Lean Production Management

Through the construction of the intelligent manufacturing information system and the application and deep cooperation of PLM, ERP, MES, WMS, QIS and other information systems, the integration of factory data is realized, and on this basis, more efficient information transfer, production management and collaboration are provided.

The workshop plan can be accurately sent to the workers and the actual processing progress can be collected in real time, which changes the traditional working mode of manual statistics, solves the disjunction between the traditional manufacturing enterprise plan and the actual production, and improves the executive management of the workshop.

Digital Twinning

Through the integration and implementation of 3D simulation software, sensors, SCADA, VR and other systems, the 3D digital twin system from wind field to wind turbine and from factory to station is established to realize the real-time state reproduction and fault alarm of the factory intelligent unit station, the real-time state reproduction of the warehouse logistics system, inventory monitoring, logistics equipment positioning and other functions. 

We gradually realize the transformation of factory management from two-dimensional plane management to three-dimensional virtualization management mode, which have greatly improved the efficiency of enterprise production and operation management.

Process and Quality Control
In terms of production inspection execution, the process quality management based on MES-QIS has been opened up. The inspectors use the mobile MESAPP application to record the quality inspection results online, improve the quality control of the product assembly process, and facilitate product quality monitoring and data traceability.

In terms of product quality management, based on the QIS quality information management system, a full life cycle quality management platform from product research and development to after-sales service has been built to meet the digitization, transparency and intelligence of research and development quality, manufacturing quality, service quality and supply chain quality, which greatly improved the control ability of the whole process of wind turbine product quality.

Production, Marketing and Inventory Plan Management

The intelligent scheduling and man-hour management module based on the MES system planning realizes the scheduling and circulation efficiency of production orders.

Through the integrated construction of the SCM system, the integration of production planning, procurement management, order execution, and inventory management from ERP to MES is opened up. The integrated process has greatly improved the production control efficiency of the enterprise.