Green Smart Supply Chain
With the help of the Internet of Things, the GSP (Global Supplier Portal) system and other advanced digital means, SANY completed the collection and application of full-cycle data of procurement business, supporting intelligent decision-making, realizing end-to-end full-process monitoring, which formed SANY Renewable Energy's green smart supply chain.
Collaboration between Production, Research and Marketing

Through ERP, MOM, WMS and other systems to open up the whole process data from order intake to delivery, SANY adopted the production scheduling method that is gradually refined to the daily rolling plan, to flexibly respond to the impact of market fluctuations on supply guarantees, promote flexible production, and improve the accurate judgment of procurement demand.

Procurement Strategy Optimization

SANY constructed a digital supply chain management model based on the GSP system, realized functions such as digital procurement tracking, development of first-level risk alternative channels, intelligent correction of procurement parameters, etc., through category sorting, supplier list improvement, supplier analysis, resource matching, supplier review and evaluation and other means to make external and internal resources more synchronized, establish a high-quality supply chain management system, and ensure that supply chain management is more high-quality and efficient.

Full Process Delivery Platform

Based on SANY Renewable Energy's data visualization system, an end-to-end full-process delivery platform is built to break down the barriers between marketing, planning, production, procurement, delivery, and service, and gather business data from each link to form a data resource library, which realized the digitization and transparency of business process information provides system support for end-to-end full process tracking management. The platform can greatly improve SANY's supply chain management and delivery efficiency.

The SANY Renewable Energy develops a 5-dimensional digital evaluation model, continues to empower partners, and works together to create high-quality wind power products, and ultimately achieves mutual benefit and win-win results for global value partners.

Part of the Supplier Display:
  • ZF
  • SKF
  • LYC
  • HWDQ
  • GNXK
  • TYZG
Marketing Digitization

SANY fully employs digital technology which realize standardized and accurate wind farm scheme design, fan selection, power generation prediction and economic evaluation through an intelligent wind measurement platform. 

At the same time, part of our digital marketing capabilities is open to our customers to show the industry our views on the utilization of wind resources. 

We are not only a fan manufacturer, but also a leader in the field of wind resources.

Service Digitization

Focusing on customer service, SANY has built a complete set of digital marketing service system. Through the self-developed product "Wind Power Brain", we realized the transparent management of the whole process of blower delivery, transportation, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance. 

The whole process information is synchronized to customers in real time to provide wind power customers with end-to-end comprehensive information service experience. Through the collection of wind turbine data in the wind farm, as well as the application of data modeling and big data, we realized the early warning maintenance and digital monitoring system of wind turbine operation, and the comprehensive upgrade of the digital operation and maintenance system.