Digital Maintenance
WTG Safety Guard
Vibration monitoring and abnormal trend monitoring through intelligent sensing technology are used to ensure safe and reliable operation of the WTG unit.
Failure Prevention
Using an intelligent perception algorithm, wind turbines can effectively monitor and predict the failure of large components through characteristic information and environmental conditions.
WTG Life Extending
Establish a digital twin model, evaluate the operating status of the unit, and perform balanced life control on the entire unit to achieve life extension.
Power Boost
Combined with its own performance, through simulation and self-learning, in dealing with complex application scenarios, it adopts collaborative computing and decision-making to achieve the best overall profit.

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Operation Maintenance
Warranty for Spare Parts
We have one central warehouse, 300+ spare parts warehouses, nearly a thousand professional service engineers and 80 million spare parts for regular operation and maintenance. Our service outlets in various provinces and cities across China provide 2,000 types of common factory-made spare parts for wind turbines with ultra-low-cost parts and warranty services for repair, replacement and refunds.
Turbine Technology Upgrades
Aiming to improve the reliability of wind turbines and energy production, SANY Renewable Energy provides professional services which include the replacement of large components and the upgrading of control systems, converters and pitches.
Turbine Performance Testing
We develop effective testing solutions for core components of WTG during operation. These solutions can detect aerodynamic balance, gearbox functions, super capacitor functions and safety functions to promote safe, long-term turbine operation.
Blade Repair
SANY Renewable Energy has seven blade production factories, six fixed maintenance points across the country, 50 professional generator blade maintenance engineers, 10 sets of professional maintenance tools, and provides 24-hour response, providing one-stop service in blade inspection, diagnosis and repair.