SANY Renewable Energy provides customers with a one-stop full screen service of project development, financing, design and engineering, EPC, operation and maintenance solutions.

Due to the strong international presence of SANY Group, through EPC+F, we can solve the investment and financing issues such as the shortage of customers' funds with higher cost performance. The company has complete qualification certificates and a professional EPC international team to provide customers with overall solutions for the whole EPC life cycle.

SANY Renewable Energy has several advantages as it is originated from SANY Group's Special Construction Machines. We are adhering to the business philosophy of 'Customer centrality and Innovation inherence', to provide customers with a variety of professional, standardized and customized services, to ensure the quality of the project's life cycle management. 

Advantages of SANY Group
Capital Advantages
Group wholly-owned holding company, high capital credit guarantee, lower financing rate.
Engineering Advantages
Backed by SANY Group, we have extensive project implementation experience, and worry-free supply of equipment.
Intelligence Advantages
Relying on intelligent industrial internet, we have a better quality of design and engineering.
Sourcing Advantages
Relying on the SANY Group's centralized procurement platform, we guarantee lower construction costs.
Supply Chain Advantages
Our mature supply chain system makes the business model more flexible and competitive.
R&D Advantages

Knowing the great importance of the construction of an efficient research and development system, SANY Renewable Energy is continuously increasing the investment of research and development funds and the ratio of research and development personnel. At present, the annual R&D investment accounts for nearly 11% of total expenditure, and the R&D personnel account for 20%.

Through the establishment of a "three-dimensional" and "multi-threaded" R&D system with talents possessing doctorate (PhD) degrees as the backbone and talents with master's degree as the body, the company gives full play to the capability of talents and the advantage of management, developing in multiple fields. At present, the company has obtained more than 747 patents and more than 156 software copyrights.

Professional Advantages

SANY Renewable Energy has professional investment and financing capacity. Relying on SANY Group's ecological advantages, we can solve financial problems through various forms of financing. We possess abundant capital, a high credit rating, strong guarantee financing ability, wide financing channels and low financing costs.

Cost Advantages

Adhering to the core business philosophy of "Customer centricity and Innovation inherence", through the whole process of fine design, controlling the key design points, and choosing the best solution, reducing the ineffective input, we improve the quality and control the project cost efficiently. This makes the construction cost of the wind farm could be 20% less than that of the industry average.

By using the self-developed calculation program of the WTG infrastructure, the engineering work amount is reduced by 10-15%, compared with the industry average standard.

Management Advantages

According to the special customer demand for wind power and photovoltaic industry, combined with the actual situation of domestic new energy engineering, under the adverse conditions such as harsh natural environment and non-standard market competition, the project management platform is built for serving the owners and EPC general contracting enterprises.

The project owner, supervisor, EPC general contractor and subcontractor are organically connected to realize automatic data collection, multi-party sharing and efficient collaboration, which lays a solid foundation for reducing project costs, improving quality and speeding up construction.