"Digital Empowerment, Enlighten the Future"

SANY Group, together with, a cutting-edge company in the field of autonomous driving, and Sinotrans, a world-renowned brand in the Logistics & Trucking Industry, have reached a strategic alliance. This alliance will make full use of their respective advantages and resources in the development and mass production of high-end smart heavy trucks, high-end automatic driving and smart logistics, work together to build the industry's first fleet with smart heavy trucks as the main capacity, provide smart logistics solutions, and set a benchmark for autonomous driving technology to empower the logistics industry. 

We comprehensively promote the transformation of the logistics industry in the direction of safer, more efficient, smarter and more environmentally friendly, and establish a transportation service network covering China and other major economic regions around the world.

Promoter of Smart Logistics Fleet

SANY Group has now launched mass production of highly intelligent trucks, to continuously increase the proportion of intelligent trucks in global transportation services.

SANY Group is gradually optimizing its fleets whose main capacity is smart heavy trucks, and smart logistics solutions, as well as the whole-process overall management and smart dispatching system of the smart logistics platform to maximize the safety, stability, efficiency and economy of the transportation process for our global customers. Among them, the breakthrough technology "remote control", combined with Level-4 automatic driving control can truly realize the "unmanned operation" in the whole process, and can meet the needs of automatic pick-up and return in specific areas, automatic formation cruise, automatic obstacle avoidance, etc., which successfully realized SANY’s industry-leading intelligence.

Entering the Era of Electrification 2.0

Developed by SANY Heavy-duty Electric Trucks, the second-generation heavy-duty truck series products are equipped with the world's first MTB (Module to Bracket) technology battery, which was named "Magic Tower" battery. "The 'Magic Tower' battery is an integrated power battery without a standard box that was independently developed by SANY Heavy Truck. It's a pioneering achievement of SANY Heavy Truck's active innovation in battery, motor and electric technology and has applied for more than 10 patents. Compared with the conventional battery, the 'Magic Tower' battery is half a ton lighter, and 30% smaller in size, but its energy density is increased by more than 20%. Its  unique insulation system and division heating technology, give the battery 50% more range in low temperature conditions and alleviating the problem of "winter breakdowns" in electric vehicles.

SANY Group is committed to developing smart and green logistics, making breakthroughs in  core technologies of smart heavy trucks, smart logistics industry chains and upstream and downstream of supply chains, and continuing to develop in the large-scale application of "scenario + technology" and "customer + technology", to help achieve the goals of carbon peak and carbon neutrality.