WTG Erection-SANY Crane
Powerful Equipment Supporter - Let SANY Crane Escort WTG Erection

As SANY Group is expert in construction machinery manufacturing, SANY Renewable Energy has rich crane resources for wind turbine installations. SANY Crane is the world's leading crane manufacturer. SANY crawler crane's global market share reaches 41%, ranking first in the world. SANY Crane has continuously launched the industry's leading heavyweight products, including Asia's first 1,000 tons crawler crane and 4,500 tons of the world's largest crawler crane.  In 2021, SANY Crane (Model: SCC15000TM) was deployed for the installation of 166m wind turbine tower, which is the highest tower in onshore wind energy in China.  As the creator and keeper of wind power lifting height record holder, SANY has the SCC1020C/1020T special wind power crane and SCC6500A\SCC8000A "Wind power lifting star", which has created the record of 162 meter wind power lifting height in China.

Compiler for the Development History of China's Super-duty Cranes
Having produced China's first 220t, 350t and 600t and Asia's first 1000t all-terrain cranes, as well as "No.1 crawler crane of China", "No.1 crawler crane of Asia" and "No.1 crawler crane of the world", SANY is a compiler of the development history of China's super-duty cranes.
Record Creator of Wind Turbine Hoisting Height
Since the launch of the first crawler crane for wind power working conditions in 2009, with hoisting height ranging from 100m to 137m, 140m, 150m and 162m, SANY's cranes have been setting new records of wind turbine installation in China.
Keeping Improving and Changing the World with Quality
In July 2020, SCC40000A, a 4000t crawler crane with the world's largest lifting moment of 90,000 ton-meters, successfully completed the installation of four 1500t propylene towers of China's first rubber-plastic integrated production line, which further solidified the global influence of "Made-in-China" products. In September of the same year, SANY's 2000t crawler cranes completed the installation of the largest overpass bridge of China's high-speed railway industry, creating a new national record.On October 28, the SANY SCC45000A crawler crane was successfully delivered in China. This is the third time that SANY has broken its record of the largest tonnage crane after 3,600 tons in 2011 and 4,000 tons in 2020.