Dream of Net Zero

Carbon Neutrality Contribution from SANY Wind Turbines

4569508/ MWh
Accumulated electrical power
2771028/ ton
Energy conservation and Carbon dioxide emission reduction
4576781/ ton
Standard coal saving
Intelligent Product
SANY has realized the system integration of wind turbines as well as designed and manufactured core components of wind turbines. This enabled SANY to continuously develop products with competitive advantages for the industry and customers.
Smart Wind Turbine
3.X MW - 15.X MW Platform Wind Turbine

Intelligent Wind Farm Solution

SANY intelligent wind farms fully synchronize technological development with environmental protection by taking both the economic and ecological benefits into consideration, helping to usher in a greener world with intelligent energy systems.

Intelligent Services

SANY Renewable Energy is expertized in project planning, exploration, wind farm design, EPC, transportation, operation and maintenance, and investment and financing to manage wind farms delicately by means of digitization and model innovation, so as to ensure the excellent operation and profitability from the projects.
SANY Renewable Energy
has been deeply involved in wind power and other renewable energy fields, helping to produce green and clean electricity, actively establishing a new power system mainly based on new energy, and contributing to the realization of emission peak and carbon neutrality goal.